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Spring Time Planning? Don't forget Yourself!!

February is our planning time. This is the time we schedule all of our beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey processing dates in the first two weeks of February so we can get order forms out to our customers by the 1st of March. This is also our time to look to the summer 'project' months to get a rough idea of the time-lines for things like planting, repairs, new construction, website building and marketing, etc. We plan out time for all of these farm related events first, and then we look for a 'window' of opportunity. The window is for our 'family time'.

Farming is similar to most other small business's, when you work where you live, or you have to wear ALL the different hats in the company, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if you have down-time, you are not being efficient. Most of the time the opposite is true. If we don't set aside time for ourselves and our family; we lose track of what is truly important in our lives. God, Family, Community. These things get lost in the hustle of small business ownership, so we take some time to plan on how we will maintain our family connections throughout the stressful times in the summer. For our family it is normally a trip to Michigan's U.P. for a 4th of July camping trip. Your family may be different, you may be allergic to nature (odd for a homesteader, but not unheard of :)), or you may simply prefer things like concerts, plays, sporting events, or just a good ole' fashioned back yard hog roast with the family. Whatever it is that you do to relax and participate in the emotional and Spiritual connections in your life; we would just like for you to take a moment to consider if planning the time may be a way of 'cementing' it into your already overbooked calendar. With just a little preparation you will be amazed at the emotional, physical, and spiritual recharge that will accompany the 'absense' of HUSTLE.

As always, we are praying for your success, now go get dirty!

Jim Z.

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