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Note: Please read all of the ADDITIONAL INFO SECTIONS prior to ordering.


Our chickens are raised on our Beautiful Michigan Clover pastures.  Using regenerative and sustainable farming practices, we move our chicken 'tractors' every day, providing our birds with a never ending supply of fresh grass and insects.  Our poultry is fed a 100 % Non-GMO feed from our Amish Mill. 


Note: Our chickens are processed and sold 'whole', shrink bagged and ready for the freezer.  Please feel free to email us with questions BEFORE ordering.  All deposits are Non-Refundable (these will be applied against your overall balance). 

Chicken - Whole

  • The price listed is for your deposit only.  Actual price is based on the hanging weight of the animal at the time of harvest.  Price is $4.50 / lb of hanging weight.  Our chickens range from 4 - 6 lbs.  Because we raise our chickens outdoors, weather plays a significant role in the overall speed of growth of our poultry.  An average chicken is 5 lbs, so you can expect a $20 / bird average final cost (note: this is an approximation).

    • Chicken is processed in the Summer months (usually July and September).  
    • Processing costs are included in the price per pound.
    • Our poultry is processed locally at an approved processor
    • You will pick up your poultry from our farm at 8735 N Greenville Rd. Lakeview, MI 48850  P:989-352-5381
    • We do not ship meat. 
    • We do not deliver to private processors across state lines.
    • You are responsible for arranging for pick up your poultry at the assigned time and date;  We will not hold your meat for a later pickup date.  
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