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Note: Please read all of the ADDITIONAL INFO SECTIONS prior to ordering.


This year our pork is being raised by our Partner farm in Holland, MI.  As another small family farm in Michigan, we are happy to support them by helping to reach out to our customers on their behalf.  Using regenerative and sustainable farming practices, our partnership is able to provide you with some of the best pork in Michigan.


Note: If you would like a whole pork you would pre-order a quantity of '2'.  Please feel free to email us with questions BEFORE ordering.  All deposits are Non-Refundable (these will be applied against your overall balance). 

Pork (Half-Hog)

  • The price listed is for your deposit only.  Actual price is based on the hanging weight of the animal at the time of harvest.  Price is $4.50 / lb of hanging weight.  Our pork is sold by the Half, a half pork will hang at approximately 100 lbs (based on past experience).  Processing fees can be estimated at $1.25 / lb of hanging weight (these prices can vary widely depending on the options you choose).  A half pork, with a standard cut will average out at approximately $575 for 100 lbs of hanging weight. (Or roughly $7.15 per pound of packaged pork; after bone loss).

    • Pork is processed in the Fall months (usually October or November).  This time frame has some flexibility built in, since we will not process an animal that isn't finished growing. 
    • You are responsible for your processing costs.  These will be paid directly to the butcher at the time of pick up.
    • Our pork are processed at: Byron Center Meats, 8375 Freeland Ave SW, Byron Center Michigan 49315.  P:616-878-1578.
    • We do not ship meat. 
    • We do not deliver to private processors across state lines.
    • You are responsible for picking up your pork once it is done; and for paying the butcher at the time of pick up.
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