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Note: Please read all of the ADDITIONAL INFO SECTIONS prior to ordering.


Our pork is raised outdoors, like God intended.  We feed a Non-GMO, 100% corn free / soy free diet to all of our pigs. Our farm uses only regenerative and sustainable farming practices. We are a chemical free / Non-GMO farm, we do not inject our animals with growth hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines. 


Note: If you would like a whole pork you would pre-order a quantity of '2'.  Please feel free to email us with questions BEFORE ordering.  All deposits are Non-Refundable (these will be applied against your overall balance). 

Pork (Half-Hog)

Expected process date is October / November 2024
  • The price listed is for your deposit only.  Actual price is based on the hanging weight of the animal at the time of harvest.  Price is $4.50 / lb of hanging weight.  Our pork is sold by the Half, a half pork will hang at approximately 100 lbs (based on past experience).  Processing fees can be estimated at $1.25 / lb of hanging weight (these prices can vary widely depending on the options you choose).  A half pork, with a standard cut will average out at approximately $575 for 100 lbs of hanging weight. (Or roughly $7.15 per pound of packaged pork; after bone loss).

    • Pork is processed in the Fall months (usually October or November).  This time frame has some flexibility built in, since we will not process an animal that isn't finished growing. 
    • You are responsible for your processing costs.  These will be paid directly to the butcher at the time of pick up.
    • Our pork are processed at: Byron Center Meats, 8375 Freeland Ave SW, Byron Center Michigan 49315.  P:616-878-1578.
    • We do not ship meat. 
    • We do not deliver to private processors across state lines.
    • You are responsible for picking up your pork once it is done; and for paying the butcher at the time of pick up.
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