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Our Bare Basics Pet Shampoo Bars are Unscented to avoid any possible skin reactions with your pets.  A derivation on our standard tallop soap receipe, we include Karanja oil and Aloe to help soften and moisturize your pets coat.  We have 2 sizes available.  Our 3 oz. puck is perfect for the more routine bathers in your household, or you can try our mini paws 2-pack (1.5oz total weight) which work well for gift giving and the smaller, less frequent bathers in your life.  

Soap - Pet Shampoo Bars

  • All of our soaps and body butters are made with 100% Grass Fed Tallow, using sustainable farming practices.  We use Therapeutic grade essential oils for scent, and naturally occuring clays and botanicals for our colorings.

  • Please allow 1-3 business days for handling time.  All shipments are USPS Ground Advantage. 

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