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Our handcrafted homestead Milk Soaps utilize either Goats Milk, Sheep Milk, or a blend of multiple milks. Our 4th generation family farm produces Non GMO, pasture raised animals, and as sustainable farmers we don't let any of that hard work go to waste. We render our own ingredients, add in therapeutic grade essential oil blends for those beautiful scents; and then we mix all of that up with some high grade oils, natural botanicals and naturally occurring clays for color to create useful, enjoyable, and regenerative soaps to help protect your skin from all the daily damage done by our environment. Forget the hype and false promises of the new era, and fall back on the proven formulas that kept your grandmothers generation looking so young!

Tallow Soap - Milk Soap - Multiple Varities (3.5oz)

  • All of our soaps and body butters are made with 100% Grass Fed Tallow, using sustainable farming practices.  We use Therapeutic grade essential oils for scent, and naturally occuring clays and botanicals for our colorings.

  • Please allow 1-3 business days for handling time.  All shipments are USPS Ground Advantage. 

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