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     Crystal's soap making obsession began a number of years ago as an extension of her desire to utilize all of the products produced here on the farm. By rendering her own tallow and lard she is able to create the highest quality soaps and skin care items available! Utilizing all natural essential oils, chemical free fats, and naturally occurring clays and herbs for colorants she has crafted cleansing perfection! Our skin is our largest organ, it should be treated with the same care and commitment we put into the rest of our bodies!​

     Renae began her flower business as an offshoot of the farm in the Spring of 2021. An experiment that turned into an obsession, that morphed into a career.  Renae is now making and selling flower bouquets, cut flowers by the stem, unique seasonal arrangements, as well as local Weddings and events. (Quite a bit different than milking cows at 4 am and picking asparagus in the driving rain!!! Yup, that's where it all began, and she is still smiling!) ​

     Claire began her painting career as a homeschooled art student. She quickly became fascinated with the number of different ways she could express herself through paint and canvas. Her creations have been inspired by her on-farm experiences and her inborn curiosity and exuberance for life. Claire continues to pick asparagus at a friends farm in the early summers, but her dedication and focus have made a decided shift to the creative side of life!  You will find hand painted card prints, as well as unique stretched canvas art on our website as it is completed.​

     Vivian is a creative creature. She began her Hair Styling adventure in college, moved to a hands-on 2 year cosmetology internship and is now a licensed cosmetologist with years of experience. As an off-shoot of her hair passion, she is also producing her own handcrafted hair combs, necklaces and earrings which are available in our Store.

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